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    We adore the natural beauty of storytelling, as it comes in all forms.

    We also enjoy the portrayal of a lifestyle through what we wear. 

    It was only fitting we built a store for you to visit once in a while.


    Ledin Gray is originally founded upon the spoken, the heard and the written.

    We are the global storytellers.

    And this is our store.



    Birthed amongst the fashion industry in late 2012. Ledin Gray noticed it was time to tell a new tale of our very own. Identifying where our true passions fell gave us the chance to reflect on the power of story telling, an admiration for fashion & inspirational media.

    We brought together a powerful team of creative’s. Professional’s with backgrounds across business, public relations, photography, cinematography and design. All of whom dreamt about creating a brand that could unearth, sometimes the unheard, the insightful, the inspirational journeys from around the world. And make it look damn good.

    Those chapters, that perhaps, weren’t read out loud, till now. We now define them as the driven, the innovative, game-changers, risk takers, passion seekers or just true believers. From the lifestyle pioneers, health enthusiast’s, extreme athletes to tech heads & singer songwriters.

    Those zealous enough to write a unique chapter.

    We wanted to showcase those stories you wished to hear and at the same time offer you a wardrobe you wished to wear.


    ‘After all, you can never have too great of a wardrobe or stories to tell’.


    So like memories, here’s to making every outfit count.

    Shop our store with our brilliant brand partners from around the world.

    Offering iconic labels from Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and the U.S. Showcasing current ranges across Men’s, Women’s fashion & accessories.

    A perfect fit for the dreamer, entrepreneur, head turner or trendsetter in you.

    Brew your favorite cup and stay a while.

    Main site coming soon..





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